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Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Faced with the increase in temperature on our planet, the urgency of setting clear objectives to decrease the temperature by 2 °C, the scarcity of resources, social problems, corruption problems and the growing search for a sustainable future for all; Deltack is committed to mitigating an d eradicating the problems that the Sustain able Development Goals seek to address.

The SDGs were established to meet humanity’s universal challenges, protect the environment, and solve socioeconomic problems. The SDGs are made up of 17 objectives and 169 specific goals that international society must meet by 2030.

To consult the detail of the 17 SDGs, please follow this link

The methodology used to determine the contribution was as follows:

Deltack raised the SDGs based on the goals of its responsible investment policies and their material aspects.

Subsequently, the goals to which it would contribute and support from the Deltack management perspective were chosen.

Contemplating the number of goals to which it will contribute, the contribution to specific SDGs was landed.

Below are the contributions to the SDGs that govern Deltack’s internal operation and through its investments.

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