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Implementation of ESG criteria

As receivers of Development Capital Certificates (CKD) we have the obligation to manage our portfolio under the code of corporate best practices proposed by the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), ensuring transparency, periodic monitoring of accountability and corporate responsibility.

Recently, a series of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria have been issued in evaluation and corporate responsibility.

Responsible Investment Policies

Learn about our policies and their objectives

I. First policy


Focusing investments on Environmental, Social principles and good Governance practices, marking investment limitations with the aim of encouraging developers to comply with the best international practices in construction and Sustainable developments, as well as in their management and processes interns who watch over their employees on the utility of the business.


  • Integrate variables of ESG in our investment processes and decisions.
  • Make our developers participants to compliance with ESG criteria.
  • Promote the implementation of ESG criteria among our investors.
  • Report our activities and ESG compliance indicators on a voluntary basis as a commitment to society and the environment.

Process of «Due Diligence ESG»

We incorporate the activities into an ESG “Due Diligence” process which will review the practices used in each project and make recommendations for activities that the developer partner may implement as part of their action plan.

II. Second policy

Its objective is to punctually monitor compliance with the incorporation of ESG criteria by developers, seeking to encourage the positive impact of their activities.


  • Sustainable architecture
  • Eco-efficiency activities
  • Carbon footprint measurement
  • Measurement of water footprint
  • Carbon footprint mitigation
  • Compliance with local environmental regulations


  • Measurement of social impact of development
  • Compliance with hygiene and safety policies
  • Incorporation of Mechanisms for Attention to Complaints
  • Encourage the design of Social Management Plans as part of the development activities development
  • Guarantee the quality of life of the communities impacted by the developments


  • Ensure the transparency of the Project
  • Honesty in operations
  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics
  • Incorporation of the basic principles of good Corporate Governance
  • Compliance with anti-corruption policies

III. Third Policy

Deltack as a Fund will be continuously evaluated in order to motivate its investments to incorporate ESG criteria on a day-to-day basis following up with developers regularly, with the objective to generate value in all senses.

As an integral part of this policy, Deltack will seek that within 5 years all its developers are aware of the footprint that developments leave on the planet, proposing mitigation measures so that developments contribute to the social and economic development of the country, ensuring the sustainability of the developments and leaving the least negative impacts for the future.

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