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Provide our investors a reliable and profitable portfolio of real estate projects.


Be the most profitable real estate investment fund in Mexico.


Development of real estate opportunities maximizing profitability through institutional processes.

Our Company

Capital management for development of real estate projects in Mexico

We integrate a team with more than 30 years of experience in successful, innovative and responsible projects in their field. We use cutting-edge technology in our processes and look for projects that improve the urban form, generate community, be sustainable and respond to the changing needs of our society.

Our commitments and goals:

  • Identify the best opportunities for real estate projects in Mexico.
  • Manage project risks in an effective and innovative way.
  • Integrate cutting-edge information technologies that provide value.

We invest in every stage of the real estate business. Since the acquisition of the land, identifying and selecting the best developer for the project or we also associate with the developer who already has an identified land and a designed project.

We manage our processes with the best corporate governance practices that promote the transparency and confidence of our investors.

We maximize the profitability of managed capital through our experience and focus on:

To be an administrator searching for the best investment opportunities according to the market and financial cycles.

Proven institutional processes in the selection of specialized real estate development projects and partners.

Include ESG policies as an objective-based tool that allows investors to offer an adjustable, competitive and sustainable performance.

«We inspire and transform through responsible actions to promote the development of sustainable communities»

Our Philosophy

Four pillars that distinguish us as a company


We look for the solidity, commercial relationship and team work, of the companies and any group of the partnership, by means of the trust


An extremely important value for our company in terms of economic, social, environmental and professional.


We accept our own limitations and mistakes with responsibility, recognizing the role of others in the achievement of objectives.


It is fundamental to implement updates, improving, renewing and transforming our action plan in every project.

“The qualities of a leading company are reflected in the principles and values ​​that are practiced with firmness”

More than 800 organizations are adhered to the Mexican Network of the Global Compact. For Deltack it is a great commitment to be part of such important group of organizations that are willing to make changes in their value chain to do sustainable business.


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Monterrey, Nuevo León


Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo


Santa Catarina, Nuevo León


Monterrey, Nuevo León

Valle Condesa

Juárez, Nuevo León


Querétaro, Querétaro

Eligibility Criteria

Essential characteristics

We are convinced to promote social development, climate change mitigation and transparency of its operations and those of its development partners. To comply, Deltack has the following eligibility criteria that allow it to select the best investments aligned with profitability objectives and ESG issues for its investment portfolio:



A rigorous process of selection of developer partners specialized in a business and region with a potential market to invest, weighing the selection of the partner over the selection of the project (70/30).



Returns according to the risk, term and segment of the project in question.



The land must have certainty of control, either through deeds, or a trust fund, or a binding agreement, and have an attractive market price.



Deltack can participate in all types of projects, except for apartments for rent. The health, education and hotel lines should be «tailor-made projects.»



The investment focus is focused on the northern region (80% of issuance); Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua and San Luis Potosí; and the rest of the country (20%), to invest in cities with economic and demographic growth, with the exception of Mexico City.



Minimum co-investment structure of 5% Developer and from 30% to 95% CKD.



Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Criteria: The project and its developer must meet environmental, social and governance criteria.

Deltack is a socially responsible investment fund that considers projects that have environmental, social and corporate governance criteria that comply with the best business practices. We seek to generate long-term financial returns as well as a positive social impact, seeking to be one of the best funds responsible for investment.

We are Signatories

Principles for Responsible Investment

¿Are you a land owner with development potential and are you interested in a partnership?

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If you require more information about our services, please contact us.

Av. Alfonso Reyes No. 11 Piso 10
Col. Fraccionamiento Vía Cordillera
Santa Catarina, N.L. CP 66196

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